Elemental Engine II Released

Elemental Engine

Register as a developer and get a free open source engine. It includes an editor and many tools for a full game development system.


  • DirectX 9 Renderer for PC and XBOX360
  • Full Physics System (Ageia PhysX)
  • Full Multiplayer Networking System (RakNet)
  • Robust Particle System
  • Multithreaded Enhanced System
  • Full 3d Audio System
  • Hierarchy State Machines
  • LUA Scripting
  • Terrain Deforming and Texture Painting
  • 3DS Max Model Exporter
  • XML Data-Driven Design

    EE 2: MFC editor with expandable plug-in system  

  • Terrain
  • LUA Editor/Debugger
  • State Machine Editor
  • GUI Editor
  • Particle Editor
  • World Editor with Event/Trigger System
  • Model & Animation Viewer
  • Database Editor

Get access to a great set of tools

 Start by signing up as a developer for free at:


 Your username and password for www.phatyaffle.com gives you access to the documentation site, the source code and the bugs database, all with the same password.

http://wiki.phatyaffle.com This is the documentation site for the Elemental Engine II

http://svn.phatyaffle.com This is the source code repository using Subversion source control system.

http://mantis.phatyaffle.com  This is the bugs database for reporting bugs, wishlists, etc for phatyaffle.com and the Elemental Engine II


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